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Your donation plays a crucial role in supporting foster youth who age out of the system at 18, a time when they need stability and guidance the most.

These youth become alarmingly vulnerable –
left to fend for themselves during a pivotal point in their lives.

But you can change that!

By supporting Dream Makers, you have the power to alter their trajectory,
providing essential resources like food, professional guidance,
and ongoing support to help them thrive and chase their dreams.

Through your generosity, you not only meet their immediate
needs but also provide them with encouragement, hope,
and monthly resources they need to build a future as independent adults.

Together, we can make a meaningful and lasting impact in the lives of these
deserving youth who, at no fault of their own, ended up in foster care.


Dream Makers Project is a 501(c)(3)
Nonprofit, Charitable Organization
(Tax ID #88 - 1301076)